Thursday, 11 June 2015

Kitchen cabinet design ideas for a stylish look

The right type of kitchen cabinetry can help add character to your kitchen's design theme. Once you've decided which cabinet material and color will sync with the overall kitchen design, you can integrate some extra design elements into the cabinets for creating custom kitchen interiors.
  • Make the most of your kitchen cabinets by incorporating exquisite furniture-style details such as decorative leg or furniture toe kick to give a feel of freestanding furniture to the cabinet. Detailed moldings and trimwork also give furniture-like look to intricate cabinets doors.
  • If you prefer handleless cabinets due to their uninterrupted view, select pop open cabinet doors. These cabinets have modern touch and aesthetic appeal.
  • Rather than clear glass doors, use ribbed glass to add more texture in the hard-to-decorate kitchen space. Make your everyday dishes to stand out like display pieces in wavy cabinet glass doors.
  • Chicken wire cabinet door add texture to kitchen. You can also ask your kitchen designer to embellish cabinet doors with handiwork for a Scandinavian look.
One of the most exciting design developments in kitchen cabinetry is the creative use of mixed elements such as warm wooden doors in clean-lined kitchen. Today, stylized kitchens are created with a latitude of designs that can make any kitchen unique. Look to kitchendesigners in San Francisco, who can show you samples of different cabinets, so that you can select the style that's right for your kitchen.

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