Thursday, 18 February 2016

Popular designs for your kitchen cabinetry & Interior

There are numerous ways for deciding the design of your kitchen cabinets. Either you can customize the theme of your whole kitchen around the stock cabinets or can get a custom made cabinetry, designed accordingly as per the interior of the kitchen and the home.
Simple and sleek: if you want to maintain a simple and clean look for your kitchen then white and off-white shades of cabinets can bring the versatility and elegance required for this look.
Storage options: the modern custom made cabinets are not only apt in beauteousness but also in efficiency. The cabinets with pull out trays, bread boxes allow storage for pans and a cover for narrow spaces.
The table of the island: instead of using a traditional island, a custom made high table can be used. This will serve both the purpose of the kitchen island as well as a dining table for a cozy meal
Full cabinetry: in this design you can use custom made cabinets that will cover the wall of a kitchen from its floor to its ceiling. Open kitchen with large sized windows can accentuate this design pretty well.
Hide & seek: the glass doors of cabinets will not only beautify your kitchen but also will help to put a display of your pretty dishes and stylish utensils.
The stand out: a single cabinet standing out in a different color makes your kitchen an attention seeker in a propitious manner. The loud colors such as hefty orange or dark pink can be used
It is better to consult your cabinet remodeling company to before deciding the design of your cabinets. They are the ones with expertise and finesse, having the ability to meet you wants and needs.

Cabinet Materials: What You Need To Know

The material used in the cabinet determines its durability and design in terms of the appearance. It is important to have a good idea about the common cabinetry materials especially if you are planning to get them custom made here, by any San Francisco kitchen remodeling company.
Red Oak: it is durable and comparatively inexpensive. It is used in traditional cabinetry and it is a good option for modern custom made cabinets.
White oak: it is exclusive material for the custom made cabinets as it is bit stronger than the red oak. Due to its porous nature, it becomes easy to be painted. It has resistance against dents and its affordability cannot be ignored.
Glass and melamine: apart from the wood the alternate such as frosted glass can be considered however it does not provide the royalty and artistic look to your kitchen
Hard Maple: if stained with light color, this wood gives a contemporary look. It is less dense and a popular choice for the doors
Cherry: it needs to be painted to prevent the color difference as the result of the darkening that it achieves with its age. It is finely grained and popular for its strength and durability
Other factors such as cost, durability and the interior of your kitchen also play a hand in determining the kind of material you opt. You can also take expert advice of your remodeling company for choosing the best-suited wood for your cabinetry.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets to Choose From

It is good to have an idea about types of cabinets while getting your kitchen cabinets custom-made by your manufacturer. There is an array of Modern Custom Kitchen Cabinets suited for your kitchen that will not only fulfill your storage need but also will augment the overall d├ęcor of your kitchen.
Base cabinets: these cabinets are placed on the ground of your kitchen with the depth and height of 24 inches and 36 inches respectively. These are rested on the riser to protect them from the moisture of the ground.
Wall cabinets: Wall cabinets provide the vertical symmetry in case the base cabinets have been installed. The depth is lesser than the base cabinets; however, the depth can proliferate if these are custom made
Tall cabinets: these are sleek and stylish. They serve the purpose to store large utensils and waste in your kitchen. They can be 90 inches tall depending upon the length of your platform.
Specialty cabinets: these are the corner cabinets and the suspended units to organize your kitchen belongings.
Along with the types of cabinets, the variety in the doors also helps to design the kitchen modernistically.