Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Retro Kitchen Design Ideas to Spice up Your Home

History tends to repeat itself in a cyclical nature, and that doesn’t exclude home design. Retro kitchen designs can give nostalgic homeowners the vibe of old-fashioned cooking area mixed with current design elements. Retro kitchens have made a comeback in recent times and are adding retro charm to contemporary homes. Check out here how retro cabinets, colors, flooring, and appliances contribute tremendously to the kitchen’s retro-style charm:

Retro kitchen cabinet designs: Midcentury modern cabinet designs feature streamlined lines and highlighted geometric shapes. They are sleek and seamless yet give the vintage feel. Another popular retro cabinet design is 1950s American style. This design features exaggerated curves and sharp angles mixed with futuristic space-age elements.

Retro kitchen colors: Funky and playful colors often add to the classic retro feel. Popular colors for retro theme include orange, blue, white, red, and yellow. 

Retro flooring: It’s pretty easy to bring the cool retro back in your kitchen with black and white tiles. Parquet floors that have chevron or herringbone design also add to the retro style.

Retro kitchen accents & accessories: You can mix retro furniture pieces and futuristic accessories to complete the retro look. Artworks, clocks, poster with vivid colors, modern barstools; these vintage-style accessories can take the retro design a step further in your kitchen.

Hire one of the reputed kitchen designers for renovating your kitchen to give it a stylish blast from the classic retro period. A kitchen designer will help you select nostalgic color schemes and delightful retro designs that are perfect for your existing kitchen style. Travel back in time and spice up your home with retro kitchen design!

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