Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Kitchen Flooring and Cabinets: Reach a balance

A great kitchen is one that has a cohesive design and all the crucial elements of the kitchen work together in some way. When renovating or remodeling a kitchen space, homeowners often struggle with the problem of matching the two most important elements of their kitchen – flooring and cabinets. To ensure that your kitchen looks the way you want, you must consider these tips while selecting your flooring materials and cabinets:
  • Style: Coordinate the style of the flooring material and kitchen cabinets. For example, slab style cabinets and floor tiles with clean edges work best together. Kitchen cabinets with pronounced wood grain need a wooden flooring style to stand up to the cabinets.
  • Pattern: Not every tile pattern can go well with your custom kitchen cabinets. Often decorative cabinet designs work beautifully with patterned floor tiles. You can also select plain floor tiles and raised panel cabinets for creating a contrast in pattern style.
  • Color scheme: Matching the color scheme of your kitchen floor and cabinets depends on the type of kitchen you're building and your preferences. Contrasting the cabinets with the flooring material color is a good idea if you want to set them apart. You can even select multiple shades of one color (such as darkest shade for cabinets and light shade for floor) to accentuate your kitchen.
In designing kitchens, the more things match, the lesser are the chances that your eyes will be drawn to a specific point. This suggests that contrasting flooring material and cabinets are ideal for creating your dream kitchen.

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