Thursday, 18 February 2016

Cabinet Materials: What You Need To Know

The material used in the cabinet determines its durability and design in terms of the appearance. It is important to have a good idea about the common cabinetry materials especially if you are planning to get them custom made here, by any San Francisco kitchen remodeling company.
Red Oak: it is durable and comparatively inexpensive. It is used in traditional cabinetry and it is a good option for modern custom made cabinets.
White oak: it is exclusive material for the custom made cabinets as it is bit stronger than the red oak. Due to its porous nature, it becomes easy to be painted. It has resistance against dents and its affordability cannot be ignored.
Glass and melamine: apart from the wood the alternate such as frosted glass can be considered however it does not provide the royalty and artistic look to your kitchen
Hard Maple: if stained with light color, this wood gives a contemporary look. It is less dense and a popular choice for the doors
Cherry: it needs to be painted to prevent the color difference as the result of the darkening that it achieves with its age. It is finely grained and popular for its strength and durability
Other factors such as cost, durability and the interior of your kitchen also play a hand in determining the kind of material you opt. You can also take expert advice of your remodeling company for choosing the best-suited wood for your cabinetry.

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