Tuesday, 23 August 2016

How to Use Glass in Modern Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Your kitchen is often considered as the hub of your home where all your family members gather, cook, eat, laugh, chat and also share their special moments together. Hence, it’s become equally important to give that look and feel to your kitchen that it deserves. Modern custom kitchen cabinets are the ideal choice to maximize your kitchen space as well as make your kitchen the most happening place in your home.
Adding glass to these modern custom kitchen cabinets design is practically an icing on the cake as it not only helps you to maximize the current space in your kitchen but also add a new and practical design element to it:
Modern Custom Kitchen Cabinets

  • If you’ve more windows than walls in your kitchen, these glass cabinets will help you to add more storage space as well as effectively utilize the light of the windows.
  • If you’ve a peninsular design in your kitchen, adding wooden cabinets can limit its space and can add a claustrophobic feeling due to closeness of the kitchen. However, glass cabinets will not only give you the additional storage space but will also maintain the feeling of openness in your kitchen.
  • Using decorative or painted glass in your custom kitchen cabinets can be used to give them a textured and frosted appearance. Furthermore, it will also help you maintain the privacy of your cabinets. This way, you can always keep the ingredients of your mouth-watering dishes a secret!

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