Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Top 3 Kitchen Design Layouts

Innovation has become a part of our daily lives, and each room in a house demands nothing but modernity. Kitchen – the most part of any home where people prepare meal, eat, and socialize – has even more modern requirements with respective to interiors, features, and appliances. The traditional work triangle that is the shape created between range, sink, and refrigerator has evolved into a ‘work zone’ concept. Keeping that in mind, here are top kitchen design layouts that can help you improve functionality of your kitchen in the next remodeling project. 

  • Galley kitchen: It is the most efficient layout from functionality perspective. This layout is characterized by two parallel work areas with refrigerator and cabinets positioned on one side and stove and sink on other side.
  • L-shaped kitchen: This layout features two perpendicular work spaces that naturally creates work triangle. The advantage of L-shaped layout is that you can incorporate multiple cooks and even invite guests for conversation while cooking.
  • U-shaped kitchen: This kitchen layout lends itself high flexibility and efficiency. U-shaped kitchen provides a massive expanse for storage needs. It remains open to other rooms and allows for easy traffic flow. 

Other common kitchen layouts include G-shaped, one-wall, and peninsula. Choose the layout that best fits your lifestyle, budget, and other needs. The right layout will help you turn your kitchen into an amazing gathering place. 

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